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  • What does the free hosting package include?

  • Offreee.com doesn't have many types of hosting packages and it offers only One Hosting Plan which is totally free of cost.

  • The Server comes along with 24x7 Firewall Monitoring, No Email Relay Allowed, No Mass Mailer Allowed, Free AutoSSL, 24x7 SpamEmail Monitoring, Cpanel theme/ Language change, 99.9% Uptime, Latest Cpanel Interface, CentOS/Php/CGI and provides 3GB Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Mysql Databases, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited Sub Domains and Unlimited FTP accounts.

How many domain can i host on one free account?

  • You can host only one domain per user registration.

Other hosting providers give "Unlimited Space" plan. Then Why I choose Offree?

  • Unlimited Hosting Plan" is a marketing myth. Practically speaking no service provider can provide you "Real Unlimited Space". If it was so then any user can use the whole disk space of datacenter by paying $10- monthly. Facebook and google would have also used such a provider and would have never built datacenters to manage their big data. Go through the Terms & Conditions of the service provider which provides Unlimited hosting plan and you will find many types of restrictions which indirectly makes you bound to host a normal website which will not even touch 500MB of the disk space. Basically, sites whose essential purpose is to use disk or bandwidth. For example - File upload / sharing / archive / backup / mirroring / distribution / streaming sites which consume heavy traffic and disk space

    What are the sites restricted on Offreee.com?

    • You can absolutely host any kind of website like storage website, community portal, ecommerce website, organization website, in short any kind of static website and any kind of database driven website. But you cannot host any kind of website providing, transmitting, communicating or spreading illegal website, porn, warez, ripped content, pirated content, copyright infringement content, mass mailer, phishing, child abuse, violence, communal riots or any content illegal according to the court of law. You cannot make your account resources available (whether for free or pay) to the general public through a hosting website hosted on our server or any other server or through any other form of medium.

    What if i require more than 3GB disk space?

    • Usually for any kind of legitimate website user 1GB space is sufficient. Click to Check answer on Quora. But if your site has consumed 3GB space that means your website is growing drastically. You can anytime order extra space addon plans from you member panel, the lowest extra space plan is 1GB sold at $0.20/- per year or can contact to sales@offreee.com to buy mor space.

    Do you allow parked and addon domains for hosting?

    • Nope we don't allow parked domain or addon accounts. Domain parking is stricty prohibited and there is no necessary to allow addon domains hosting as since the service is free, you can always create a new account for each of your website.

    Lots more coming ahead. Stay Tuned!

Is it safe to host my website on 0ffreee?

This is an absolutely safe service and you can 100% trust on us to host your website. Though it is a free service still we give 100% assurance of 99.9% server uptime, server level security & data privacy.

This is a free sevice. Why should i take the risk of hosting my website on Offreee.com? What if Offreee.com gets closed and I be the ultimate sufferrer for using the free hosting service of Offreee.com for by online business or service or website?

  • Your doubt is absolutely correct. But at some point of time, today's giants like google, gmail, facebook, twitter, linkedin, paypal etc had also started as a free service and it is your trust that boosted them to provide quality service and win your vote of confidence. If they are surviving then we also would be.

  • Offreee.com is managed by a strong team experience IT professionals and other supporters, and has no plans to shut down its services in it's near future for atleast a next decade. With an aim of providing premium grade cloud hosting service which cloud help a million next Startups, SMEs, freelancers, students, educational institutes, Health sector organization, ngos, npos and any type of genuine user, Offreee.com will always at it's best to maintain it's services to give its service lovers the comfort and easiness of other paid hosting providers.

How is Offreee.com different from other free hosting providers?

  • Yes there are other hosting providers who provide free cpanel hosting but the limitation is you have to register a free subdomain to access the cpanel. To host your domain name you have to buy a domain from the respective service provider or upgrade to their pro paid versions.

  • But if you signup with us you will get a 100% independent cpanel hosting just as you get when you buy cpanel hosting from any paid hosting provider. You can host your already existing website domain or buy a new domain name from any domain registration provider to host on our servers.

What about my data privacy and security?

  • Offreee.com servers are just managed like any other premium hosting provider and we do take data privacy and security seriously. The Server comes along with 24x7 Firewall Monitoring, No Email Relay Allowed, No Mass Mailer Allowed, Free AutoSSL & 24x7 Spam Email Monitoring. We don't exchange/sell our customer data to any one at anycost. Your hosted data is always as secure and private as you are. No matter how much server level security procedures we maintain, if you don't store your cpanel account login details, database details, ftp login detals securely then there is a high risk of getting your site hacked. Also you need to maintain secure coding practises for your website devlopment.

Can i host my existing domain and migrate to your server?

  • Offreee.com provides you 100% free cpanel hosting service and allows you to host your existing domain with any service provide and allows you to migrate your existing website data to our server. First you need to take he back of your data in your already existing server and tansfer it our server. Then just go to your domain panel and change the name servers to ns1.amoncloud.in and ns2.amoncloud.in.

Do i need a website domain to use the hosting service of OFFreee.com? Will i have to buy a domain from Offreee.com?

  • Yes if you have to run a website or web application you need a domain name to create a hosting account on Offreee.com. Currently Offreee.com doesn't provide or sell any commercial domains but you can buy your desired domain name from any domain seller and host the website on Offreee.com by following the domain configuration methods described above.

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