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"A One Stop Cloud Platform"

Dedicated Resourced Expandable Cloud Hosting | Get the Startup-Tier plan free for life time | Host your own domain name | Affordable as shared hosting
430+ 1Click Opensource Web Apps | 50+ Business Software applications | 20+ Developer frameworks | (50+ tools) SEO Auditor | Social media Marketing Tools

Instant Activation After Domain Verification | Lifetime Free Hosting Account | No Advertisements

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 Core CPU
  • 5000 INODES. Learn More
  • 99.9% UPTIME
  • You can host any type of website including file storage & sharing and video platforms except sites showing nudity, child pornography, violence, bot sites, banking sites, phising sites or any such content which makes us feel is a threat to the public.
  • Are you a startup looking for a free web hosting partner where you can start your website free?
  • Do you want to start a small business website of 10 to 1000 pages but can't afford monthly hosting bills?
  • Do you want free Email@yourdomainname.com?
  • Are you a Small Shop Owner or NGO or a freelancer or a social activist looking to create your free website?
  • Are you a Startup aiming to make a big venture but want to save money on hosting till your website development is over or till your number of visitors increase or till you make a monthly profit?
  • Are you a Website Development or SEO agency looking to host your client websites for free and make some extra profits?
  • You are allowed to host your own domain name if you already have one.
  • If you are already using a hosting account with some other hosting provider and think our free tier account is sufficient for your website then you can also migrate to our server.
  • Your Account is live and website data is safe till you abide to our FREE HOSTING TERMS OF USE. CLICK HERE TO READ.
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Website As A Service (No Hosting Tension)

  • Get a Dynamic Smart template with admin panel to control your website.

  • You can change the logo, photos and other demo content with your own content from the admin panel itself.

  • No Coding Knowledge required to manage the website.

  • Fully Responsive Website Template.

  • LifeTime Free Website Hosting & SSL.

  • You just need a domain name to start.

  • Pay only Once and now monthly recurring costs or no other Hidden Costs..

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Offering @ Rs 140one time payment

A Software Makes Business Disciplined, Easier & Faster.

We have a software ready to be used by you for the below sectors:
  • Retail

  • Digital Marketing

  • Education

  • Health Care

  • Travels & Tours

  • Hotels

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Legal

  • Business Management

  • Ecommerce

  • Moble Apps

  • News and Entertainment

  • CRM and Live Chat

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Save Your Money OnSoftware Development

Have an Idea? Do you require top level web hosting for your website, app or software?

  • Any type of free domain name like .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf etc will be activated for 48 hours after the domain name verification after which it will be terminated without notice.

  • A user wanting to host any type of free domain name like .tk, .ga, .ml etc can host on the free tier plan provided the domain name sounds genuine to us, by buying one of our addons after which the domain can use all the free tier benefits.

  • In the free tier plan we don't allow any domain names containing any public or famous brand names as a part of the domain like paypal, google, gmal, facebook, twitter etc or bank names. If found will be terminated immediately.

  • Any domain name using our free tier plan and the domain name not pointing to our server will be terminated immediately.

  • Read The TOS
Eager ToServe You

Do you require a dedicated Private Server?

  • No Tension of Server Management.

  • You design your own server configuration and OS

  • Fully isolated dedicated server to run your own apps on your own dedicated ip.

  • Server Security Managed by Us.

  • Immediate Priroty Level Support Assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Name Servers & how to configure my domain name?

After you create a free web hosting account with Offreee.com, please go to your domain registrar panel and set the name servers to:
1. ns1.amoncloud.in
2. ns2.amoncloud.in

Why should i choose OFFREEE.com over other Paid/Free hosting providers?

Offreee.com is world's 1st and only free web hosting service provider which provides lifetime free web hosting with cpanel control panel and allows you to host your own domain name whereas other free hosting providers restrict you with their own domain name and doesn't allow you to host your own domain name.

In short you get a premium grade web hosting service free for lifetime. Check Detailed comparision Offreee.com Vs Paid/Free Hosting service providers.

How many domains can i host on one free account?

You can host only one domain per user registration. But since the service is free you can create a new account for a new domain.

But if you need addon domain / extra domains facility so that you would be able to manage all your domains from one account then to order please contact sales@offreee.com or live support or visit the products page for pricing details.

What if i require more space, bandwidth, inodes or other server resources?

Our free tier plan is sufficient for any small website Click to Check answer on Quora. But if your website requires more server resources you can order server addons and increase your hosting account capacity.

To buy extra server resources please login to your client panel and go to the order page and click on product addons to order.

Other hosting providers give "Unlimited Space" plan. Then Why I choose Offree?

Unlimited Hosting Plan" is a marketing myth. Practically speaking no service provider can provide you "Real Unlimited Space". If it was so then any user can use the whole disk space of datacenter by paying $10- monthly. Facebook and google would have also used such a provider and would have never built datacenters to manage their big data.

Go through the Terms & Conditions of the service provider which provides Unlimited hosting plan and you will find many types of restrictions which indirectly makes you bound to host a normal website which will not even touch 500MB of the disk space. Basically, sites whose essential purpose is to use disk or bandwidth. For example - File upload / sharing / archive / backup / mirroring / distribution / streaming sites which consume heavy traffic and disk space. Click to Check answer on Quora.

What are the sites restricted on Offreee.com?

You can absolutely host any kind of website like storage website, community portal, ecommerce website, organization website, in short any kind of static website and any kind of database driven website.

But you cannot host any kind of website providing, transmitting, communicating or spreading illegal website, porn, warez, ripped content, pirated content, copyright infringement content, mass mailer, phishing, child abuse, violence, communal riots or any content illegal according to the court of law. You can't start a web hosting service or resell our services / resources in any form unless you are authorised by Offreee.com to do so.

Do You Provide Softaculous (450+ Apps) installer?

Yes we provide softaculous integrated to your cpanel. But only wordpress installer is enabled for free.

To order the full version of the softaculous apps installer please contact sales@offreee.com or live support or visit the products page for pricing details.


Testimonial for Offreee.com

We changed from a top paid hosting provider to Offreee.com and we are overwhelmed by the the service and support of such a free hosting provider.

- Pravash Pradhan / smartagripost.com
Testimonial for Offreee.com

We are a startup platform and are happy to be with offree.com providing an unconditional dedicated service to our startups.

- A K Mohanty / Investbhubaneswar.com


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