Inode / Unlimited Plan

Web Hosting Secrets: Inodes

What is inode ?

Inode is a data structure in Linux file system, Which holds all the information about your files in your Linux server.  The number of files in your account indicates the relative amount of files in your account. More inode count means, more files. This inode count includes everything including, emails, files, image files, data files, mysql files, others files, JS/HTML/CSS files, what ever you create in your account is all calculated together to find the total inode count in your account.

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Inodes – Why They Actually Matter?

Whenever you’re looking for a web hosting company the last thing you will probably pay attention to is inodes. Honestly, lets face it when you’re in the market for a new host there are a number of things that people tend to overlook. Inodes are just one of those things that newbie webmasters will overlook. Chances are they will find out what they are when their web hosting account gets suspended. This is a very common problem with shared hosting, but still can be a problem with VPS, Reseller, and dedicated servers.

Inode limits:

All web hosting providers do have limits to the amount of inodes they allow on their hosting plans. This number will vary from host to host. Most of the time, this Inode file limitation will never be mentioned in the hosting package details. You may see this restriction only after you purchase the hosting and logged in to your cPanel.

In case your account reaches the maximum number of inodes, it may be excluded from the backup system, or you may experience problems with file uploading, receiving emails, and see errors when accessing your website.

To put it in another words, You are allowed to use the inodes based on the amount paid by you.

Disadvantage: If you are using any type of hosting plan and in case your website consumes all the allotted to your plan then you will be bound to upgrade to a more costly hosting plan. No Hosting provider sells you extra inodes if you require.

OFFREEE ADVANTAGE OVER OTHERS: Incase you are using our free tier account which has a limitation of 5000 free inodes and your site consumes all then we will never say you to upgrade to a higher plan because we have types of hosting plans. You can just buy extra inodes  as per your need and continue with the same free tier account. Offreee is the only hosting provider to sell inodes.

Unlimited Hosting – Well Not Really

Obviously, you have probably seen a number of host offering unlimited bandwidth, space, resources, etc. A lot of respectable host do this type of marketing. So they won’t tell you upfront how many inodes you can use in their Unlimited Hosting Plan Package. The truth is no web host can provide you unlimited resources not even amazon or google cloud for price of a movie ticket in a Multiplex or PVR.