Refunds/Request of Cancellation/Account Termination

We provide a Free Startup-Tier Plan for each customer to start hosting with us which is not chargeable and is free for life time. The Free Startup-Tier Plan has account resource limitations which is mentioned clearly on the homepage

  1. A customer can host his own domain name for free of cost using the Free Startup-Tier Plan. The domain has to be a top level domain name and sub domains or domains provided by Free Dns service providers like etc are not allowed to be hosted on our server for any of our free service and hence we have full rights to terminate or cancel or suspend such account.
  2. The Customer can anytime request for cancellation of the FREE Startup-Tier Plan and the customer is liable to no refunds since the Startup-Tier Plan is free for lifetime and not chargeable.
  3. The customer can scale his / her Free Startup-Tier Plan by paying for the extra server resources (herein referred to as Hosting Addons). If the customer at any point of time subscribes to the paid hosting addons and requests for cancellation of his / her hosting account then the customer is liable for no refunds on the account related addons.
  4. Since we offer a life time free hosting account a customer can test our service reliability and then scale his account by paying for hosting addons. Paying for hosting addons means the customer has paid for a non refundable product / service and hence the customer is liable for no refunds upon cancellation of the addon or the free startup-tier plan.
  5. If, for any reason, fails to deliver addons or software services to you for which you have paid in advance the amount will be refunded in a maximum of 7days from the date of the order.
  6. Free Top level Domain names like .tk, .ga, .ml etc are allowed to be hosted on our server by using the Startup-Free Tier Plan only for a period of 7 days from the date of account creation with us after which the domain will be terminated or cancelled without notice.
  7. Free Top level Domain names like .tk, .ga, .ml etc using our Startup-Free-Tier plan will be allowed to enjoy the lifetime validity of the plan only if they have a paid addon and the above rule (f) will not be utilized.
  8. Any account using our free or paid hosting service plan will be suspended, cancelled or terminated if we find any illegal activities related to the respective hosting user account or if we find any threat or abuse of our service by the user.
  9. Any Startup-Free-Tier plan hosting account will be terminated or suspended without notice if we find any kind of mass or bulk emailing activities from the related hosting user account.
  10. Any user account using our free or paid hosting plans will be suspended or terminated immediately without notice if such user is engaged in threatening or abusive behavior of any sort to any of our support staff through live chat or email or phone call.
  11. Our Startup-Free-Tier plan is available One Unit per domain and per email. Any domain suspended or terminated in past using the free tier plan will not be allowed to use the free plan again in future. If such activity comes in our notice or we find any such evidence from our past account records we will suspend or terminate such account without notice.
  12. Any domain or account hosted with us if terminated then data available in the hosting account is also deleted from the server. But for security reasons we store the client profile data used by the user at the time of registration with us for a period of 90 days within which if we don’t get any complaints regarding the hosting account from any kind of source then we delete the profile completely after the period of 90 days.
  13. Any domain or account hosted with us if suspended then data available in the hosting account is still present in the server. If the account suspension is due to any kind of legal complaint against the hosted user account then data will not be deleted until all the legal proceedings are over. If the account has been suspended by us due to any other reason except any legal issue then we hold the right whether to unsuspend the account if we feel satisfied to do so or completely terminate the account if we find any kind of unsatisfactory reasons with a period of 7 days from the date of account suspension.

This Refund /  Cancellation / Termination Policy is effective as of January 20, 2018.