Why Offreee?

Offreee Cloud is a free to start web hosting platform providing dedicated resourced software defined hosting solution affordable as shared hosting, powerful as VPS hosting and carefree as managed hosting with limitless scalable option in a simple PAY PER USE way.



  1. Free To Start: Start with our free tier plan which is valid for lifetime. It means you can host your domain completely free for life time if your website doesn’t require more resources beyond the free tier plan limitations.
  2. No Types of Hosting plans Like other hosting providers we don’t have any hosting plans for you. We are a 100% on cloud. Just start with our Free Tier Plan which is free for life time and if you need more server resources then expand your free time account as much as you want by paying only for the extra you want to use. You can scale up and scale down your free tier account.
  3. A One stop IT store – Starting from Website builder to website theme layouts, web apps, developer frameworks, retail white label business software & domain hosting, this platform has it all..
  4. Scope for External Vendors – A platform which also allows external 3rd party vendors & freelancers to sell their IT products & services except hosting services.
  5. Dedicated Resourced Hosting: Every Free Tier Account is a dedicated resourced hosting account giving you the comfort and speed of a vps server. Each account resources is isolated in a virtual container on cloud and is not shared by any other sites on the server.
    Note: In traditional shared hosting technology the server resources are shared by all the domains hosted on the server.
  6. 100% Allocated Memory Usage: Each account uses a 100% of the memory allocated to the account. 
  7. Note: In traditional shared hosting service usually you are allowed to consume in between 10% to 20% of the cpu memory as per the provider’s terms and conditions.
  8. 4 COPY CLOUD TECHNOLOGY: Our servers are managed at TIER IV Cloud Data Center enhanced with  4-Copy Cloud Technology. Learn More about the Technology Here

Why Offreee instead of VPS?

Because Offreee Cloud Hosting is managed! The sysadmin stuff is automated and managed by us.

DigitalOcean, Amazon Lightsail, Linode and Vultr are all good VPS hosting providers. But we think that we can provide a better service for you with a managed Linux/PHP cloud hosting platform.

With VPS you get total control and freedom of choice as the root user. With great power comes great responsibility: you must maintain and secure your server on your own. Your responsibility is not only for your projects, but for your clients livelihood as well. Following a video and setting up your LAMP is easy. Investing the diligence and keeping it up is hard. Don’t shortchange yourself: VPS is only cheaper if you don’t calculate your own time and money.

With a VPS server you need to take care of the underlying operating system (most likely Linux) and other software like the webserver (Nginx, Apache, …) yourself — You are responsible for security and sysop tasks.