Facebook marketing software (Subscribed ServIce)

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Facebook marketing software (Subscribed Servce)
Auto Post: The best feature in SearchFacebook is to help your content to share to many people. After your facebook account joined groups, became a friend with others you can use this feature to approach your market. Especially, SearchFacebook will help you post any type link to secret/closed groups
Auto post to friends wall: Very very easy to post a type link on your friend’s timeline with one click for 5000 walls. This way maybe disturb your friends so we have advice that you should limit this way and sometimes you can use for purpose of greeting in the first time
Auto repost pages: In this feature, your task is only select all of fanpages you like and set up all contents you want into your page. When all selected fanpages post a status, link, image, video, …. your managed fanpage will be updated all contents automatically
Auto join groups: you want to join groups which are in “Sales and Marketing” you can input keyword and  can join upto 100 groups per day. When you became member in your market groups you can do more with your customers. Example – If you have 300+ groups you will have about 3 millions+ customers. You can share type links anytime to attract users who click type link to growth traffic, lead and more sales
Auto add friends: In the past, you have to find out Friend by Friend and access to every profile send request. You only need find person name, SEARCHFACEBOOK will list out and auto send request to them while you do everything else
Auto unfriends: how to unfriend 4900 friends in your list with one click? Our tool can do it. You can choose all of your friends or names who you don’t like, SearchFacebook will help you auto unfriend with them and you can use Auto Add Friend feature to find out new friends, also
Auto invite to groups: You had friend list and you would like to add all of them join to your managed groups or others. The best facebook marketing tool will invite all your friend list to join groups automatically. With SearchFacebook all things will be simply
Auto invite to like page: Like this named feature, you also can invite all friend list like your pages automatically, you have more friend your page will more liked. To use this feature is effectively, you should use Auto Add Friend Feature to add friends as many as possible
Auto accept friend request: We think SearchFacebook is tool which have many features in ONE. Save your time, Save your money. With only click you can accept all friend request are pending. To save your time, you can accept new friend requests in shortest time
Auto Comment: On social media, interactive activities are very important to you become a friendly person and that is opportunity selling your products. If you would like to comment a happy icon for 1000 posts with same content, what will you do? SEARCHFACEBOOK will help you comment to latest post in profile, groups, pages, friend’s wall
Auto Like: Like Latest Post when your friends or your customers know that you always concern to them by liking all their posts, SearchFacebook allow you to have a option to LIKE the latest post in latest post in profile, groups, pages, friend’s wall
Facebook Search Scraper: If you are a marketer, you have to look out data for your plans and want to know who is your competitors. SearchFacebook Search will show exactly data from Pages, Groups, User, Events and Places for you
Facebook Analytics: If you have to manage many Fanpages, we know that you need to have exactly what your page have and your fan do? SearchFacebook Analytic Page can give you a specific datas and you will have right decision for your business
Other Features
Instagram post preview before posting in real
Manage your post schedule with ease
Save your posts
Supported a lot of great emojis
Supported spintax to random your connent post on your accounts on Facebook
Save all activities on your Facebook accounts.
Facebook Limitations:
One facebook account can have maximum 5000 users on it’s user list.
One facebook account can join maximum 6000 groups.

If you want to avoid facebook jail then you need to follow the simple rules to use the software :

Safety Rules (Never be greedy to acquire the mass of facebook in a day):
One facebook account can send friends request to upto 50 users per 24 hours.
One facebook account can send invitation request to upto 50 groups per 24 hours.
One facebook account can auto comment to upto 90 groups post per 24 hours.
One facebook account can auto comment to upto 90 friends post per 24 hours.
One facebook account can post upto 100 posts to its own timeline, group and page.
One facebook account can share a post to upto 90 friends timeline.
One facebook account can invite upto 50 friends every 24 hours to like it’s own page.
One facebook account can invite upto 90 friends to join it’s group every 24 hours.
The time delay between each post/request should be minimum 5minutes if you are using the join/ post now feature. (advised)
The time delay between each post/request should be minimum 15 minutes and you should use the pause feature after 50 posts and resume after minimum 5 hours, if your using the scheduled option.